Is Facebook Bad For Your Health?

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Is Facebook Bad For Your Health?

Ok, Ill admit that's kind of a crazy sounding title, however lets take a few minutes to unpack what I really meant.

Aside from the fact that most of us are far too sedentary in our daily routine and the time we sit with Facebook open posting, reading posts, making comments, and trying to determine which emoji to react with there is one more facet to take a serious look at.

Bogus Information Posts!

Yup! That's what concerns me. It's the posts like: "This fruit is 10,000 times for effective than chemo". That one actually makes me angry! There are tons of others of a similar nature but lets focus just on this one for now. Yes, I'm a natural health guy. No, I'm not a sell out to the so called medical establishment. So why does this title make me so angry? Because there isn’t one word of truth either in the title or in the paragraph that follows.  

Let Me Expand

First of all when you claim that your delightful fruit is 10,000 times more effective than chemo my mind immediately begins to ask questions like when and where was this test done?  Can I read about it? Next I think; chemo huh? Like its a sole entity? Folks, chemo isn’t a thing. Its a category! Do your research and you will discover that there are 6 subcategories of chemo and then 18 sub sub categories. Which one was the fruit tested against? Against which types of cancer? See what I mean? Pretty shady claim.

Then There's The Math Factor

Isn’t it amazing that it came out to be exactly 10,000 times more effective? Not 9,876.23% more effective? If you are accustomed to reading real literature frequently you will understand that the value of 10,000% is terrifically suspect.

Next let's do a bit more thinking. If your magic fruit was only 50% more effective than Chemo (if chemo was a individual product) that would be amazing! If Chemo was curing 40% of patients and you added 50% more cured subjects to the pool you would now be curing 60% of all patients in the pool. What if instead it was 100% more effective? Then 80% of all patients will be cured. Or again what if it were 200% more effective? Simple math shows that you are now curing 160% of the cancer cases. how is that possible? More cancer is being cured that even exists!!!

Ramp it up to 10,000% more effective and you gotta be smoking some pretty strange weed to be comfortable with the math! Why does this make me so angry? Because poor mislead people think that by eating some fruit or ingesting some weed that they are safely on their road to a cure and not taking advantage of the precious opportunity that they have by seeking better care. Their time, money, and opportunity is wasted.

Back To Reality

OK...settle me down a minute. Let's talk some actual fact. The yummy fruit that is the main character in this particular topic is a tropical fruit called Guanabana in the some regions of the world and Sour Sop in others. The fruit is delicious but has no anticancer effects at all. However, the leaves of the tree it grows on do. If these leaves are processed properly, a standardized extract can be obtained called Graviola. Graviola does have some anticancer benefits and is included in regimens by many natural practitioners but nobody in that arena is making such ridiculous claims.

It's the false, outlandish claims that are made by uneducated people that cause so many people to look at alternative health as all a bunch of quackery. I believe that there are many wonderful things available in the field of natural health care as well as there are in the field of main stream medicine. The wise person is the one who thoughtfully combines the best of the two fields.

Take Away

True natural medicine is evidence based, meaning the products and ingredients are tested carefully to prove that they are both safe and efficacious. Please help our cause by refraining from passing on posts made by foolish people! Now, let's go outside and get some exercise!



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