Osteoporosis: North American Epidemic! (video)

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Osteoporosis: North American Epidemic! (video)

You may think this is just an old lady thing. Wrong! Even teens are developing mild cases. The causes are not what you think.

The big dairy industry would lead you to believe that you just need to drink enough milk and you're covered. The supplement industry in the past would have led you to think that you needed to just take some extra calcium tablets and you would be safe but the truth is deeper than that.

To avoid osteoporosis you need to have all four legs on a figurative stool:

1. Weight bearing exercise to stress the bones enough to cause the receptors to tell the brain that the body needs to maintain  or strengthen the bone mass to match the load its trying to carry. 

2. Sufficient Dietary Calcium in an assimilable format. Leafy green vegetables, grains, and nuts are your best sources. If you choose to increase your intake via a dietary supplement, some experts are suggesting a fully chelated mineral product for increased assimilation.

3. Avoid the subtractors. Things like soft drinks, tea, tobacco and foods containing heavy dense proteins can cause the body to lose calcium. Foods high in phosphorous can certainly cause you to lose calcium rather than store it.

4. Make sure your natural hormone balance is actually in balance. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are all important hormones in the balance. Out of balance hormone ranges can negate all the good things you are trying to do. Make sure to ask your healthcare provider to test all 3 of these and to supplement any deficits using plant based hormone products rather than animal based or synthetic.



Learn more about Osteoporosis from Super Herbals founder, Rob McClintock, who was featured as a guest speaker at Amazing Discoveries.


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