Taking Care of your Immune System

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Taking Care of your Immune System

There never seems to be a shortage of scary new bugs to read about. The media is prolifically sharing the fear! You can either go hide in a cave and try to avoid contact with all humans and animals, or you can choose to do everything you can to support and enhance your own natural immunity and have a life!  If you think you may be at risk of exposure to the latest scary bug here are nine good things you can do to protect yourself.

1:  Wash your hands! It has been estimated that at least 85% of communicable deseases are transmitted via dirty hands.  Its a simple and inexpensive thing to do.

2: Stop eating: Ok not forever, but going hungry by skipping a few meals can help you burn up the excess blood sugar and detoxify your blood, giving your immune cells an opportunity to work again at maximum effectiveness.

3: Knock off the sugar: It has been proven that intake of refined sugars can have a serious detrimental effect on the function of certain cells within the immune system. Drinking a couple of sodas during the course of a day can paralyze your immune response for hours.

4: Go to bed: The more time you steal from your required sleep, the more prone to immune failure you will be. Going to bed early for eight hours rather than going to bed late and still getting the same eight hours can also make a difference. What your mom said actually was true!

5: Get some sunshine: The best source of Vitamin D is the sun. The sun’s rays on your skin give those light rays an opportunity to react with cholesterol in your capillaries and cause some of it to be changed into Vitamin D-3 naturally, right within your own body. Taking Vitamin D orally may be beneficial for some people but please don’t spend all your days indoors.

6: Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water can keep your blood cleaner which allows healthier function of the cells that make up your immune system. It also keeps cell membranes stronger, which can help to protect them when encountering viral particles or other pathogens. Those cell wall membranes are your body armor! Avoid alcohol.  It dries out your cells and tissues.

7: Promote healthy intestinal flora: Modern research is indicating that the majority of immune function in mammals is mediated via chemical messages that originate in the intestinal tract. Healthy or friendly bacteria not only helps to digest nutrients more effectively but they also help to create special chemicals that trigger receptor cites on the walls of the intestinal tract. These chemical messages are passed on via the blood stream and picked up by immune cells within the system. These friendly bacteria can be damaged or destroyed by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, antibiotic medications, and by consuming a low fiber diet. Prevention of communicable diseases can be aided by promoting strong populations of probiotic bacteria.

8: Hot and cold contrast showers: When you feel like you need a quick intervention taking contrasting hot and cold showers can work wonders! To reduce shock on your body start out with warm and cool rotations and end up with hot and cold. 


What about supplements?

Many people take vitamin C when they want to prevent an illness. Others take zinc, garlic, and or selenium. All of these things have shown some benefit for some people and there is nothing bad about taking them but expecting miracles might be presumptuous. I personally take supplements that contain ingredients that have been studied in depth and have exhibited verifiable beneficial properties. 

Some Quality Ingredients to Consider

Many years ago, through a lot of research, trial, and error I developed Immunoplex AV. Immunoplex AV contains proven ingredients that are both safe and effective. It’s easy to make empty statements that something supports or enhances immunity but science actually can determine if that is true or not. In a study done at the University of Louisville, by Drs. V. Vetvika and J. Vetvickova, a specific type of Beta1,3-Glucan was studied in comparison to 37 other highly touted immune enhancing agents. The study concluded that this specific Beta1,3-Glucan was 800% more effective in supporting immune activity than the next most effective product. Many of the products or ingredients studied had very little effect and one famous and expensive MLM product proved to be less effective than salt water! 

This Beta1,3-Glucan is one of the main ingredients in Immunoplex AV. In addition to Beta1,3-Glucan, Immunoplex AV contains high molecular weight aloe saccharides, arabinogalactin, grape based polyphenols, black elderberry extract, resveratrol, and Lactobacillus Sporogenes, all understood to provide immune support. 

High molecular weight aloe saccharides or glyconutrients have been well studied and demonstrate positive effects on the human immune system. Arabinogalactin is a resin harvested from western larch trees that when digested provides an awesome food source as well as habitat for friendly probiotic bacteria. Studies have also been done which demonstrate its positive effects on immunity.

Our long term customers, the world over, all tell us that there is not a product anywhere that they feel gives them the level of immune support as does Immunoplex AV!


*The FDA has not reviewed these statements. This article is to be understood as educational in nature and not to be construed as medical advice. These statements and ingredients mentioned are not understood to cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.


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