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1. Avoid toxic elements: Avoiding toxic elements is important. You can't poison your immune system and expect it to protect you. Stay away from tobacco smoke both first and second hand. Alcohol is another immune killer. Many people carry toxic metals around in their bodies that they received from vaccinations and dental fillings. Heavy metals were never meant to be in the human body. Many autoimmune diseases may likely be attributed to heavy metal exposure. Household cleaners are now being identified as contributors to disease. Use simple organic con:pounds to clean your house and clothes. Avoid food raised by non-organic...

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There never seems to be a shortage of scary new bugs to read about. The media is prolifically sharing the fear! You can either go hide in a cave and try to avoid contact with all humans and animals, or you can choose to do everything you can to support and enhance your own natural immunity and have a life!  If you think you may be at risk of exposure to the latest scary bug here are nine good things you can do to protect yourself. 1:  Wash your hands! It has been estimated that at least 85% of communicable deseases...

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