Chelamin (Chelated Mineral Complex)

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Chelamin is short for “Chelated Minerals”. (Key-lated) The majority of mineral supplements on the market today are not readily assimilable by the human body. They are made of inorganic mineral substances that are very hard to assimilate, generally around 15% or less. That means when you take 1,000 mg of calcium it really could translate to about only about 150 mg! Chelating minerals is done by biochemically complexing the minerals with certain amino acids. The net result is that the minerals are more assimilable than before treatment as the body finds them to be more like food than before. Absorption for chelated minerals are thought to be significantly higher than for non-chelated minerals. Chelamin is a complete blend of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc and copper. All these are minerals that are understood to be beneficial for strong bones and joints as well as healthy muscles and nerves. Also included with the "big" minerals is a blend of 77 trace minerals. Chelamin also contains Vitamin D-2 and Vitamin K-2 for increaced efficacy. While the bottle recommends taking 6 capsules daily, most users take less, perhaps 2-4 capsules since so much more is absorbed than with traditional mineral supplements.* 

120 Vegan Capsules
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