Digestive Enzymes-Professional Strength

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Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts generally contain the naturally occurring enzymes required to digest them but cooking changes all of that. Any food heated to more than 118 degrees has lost all of this normal enzyme activity. This requires the body to manufacture enzymes to digest the food, placing extra work on our pancreas and liver. This drains the body’s energy levels that can decrease stamina and immunity. Without proper digestion we are unable to gain maximum nutritional benefit from our food. Healing Leaves-Professional Strength Digestive Enzymes contains the highest levels of a broad spectrum of plant based enzymes available. Try them and compare. You will be amazed how great they work. There simply aren’t any enzymes on the shelf that come close in quality. Unlike many brands you only need take only 1 capsule with each meal. Our Ultra Powerful Enzyme Complex I gredients include: lpase, amylase, glucoamylase, protease, alpha- gal act dase, cellulase, lactase, malt diatase, invertase, hemicellulase, beta- glucanase, phytase, ginger and peppermint. Users tell us they love this product. Order yours today! 

120 Vegan Capsules