Estroplex- Plant based Estrogen Complex

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Estrogen plays a huge role in the life of every healthy, happy woman! It’s essential throughout her entire lifespan. Symptoms of estrogen deficiency can include bone loss, insomnia, hot flashes, fatigue, and emotional  instabiity. Estroplex is a 100% natural plant based blend of phytoestrogens. Estroplex is a combination of plant extracts rich in phyto-estrogens and DIM (Dindolymetnane). DIM is being studied as natural protective agent against the harmful effects of non-plant based estrogens. Supplementation may encourage active and healthy estrogen metabolism. 


Ingredients: Proprietary blend of: Maca root, Nova soy (containing 40% Total Isoflavones),

Wild yam root extract (standardized to contain 6% Diosgenin), Fenugreek seed, DIM

(Dindolylmethane), Hops flower 4:1 extract, Black cohosh root 4:1 extract. 


90 Vegan Capsules