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Breeders, Trainers and Veterinarians throughout the world have known the power of HOKAMIX for over 20 years. Sold in over a dozen countries, it is the #1 herbal pet supplement in the world! Your dogs will look, feel, and perform their best with this unique, ALL NATURAL herbal blend. HOKAMIX contains balanced vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll, trace elements, essential fatty acids and other nutrients found naturally in Dandelion, two different species of Kelp, Alfalfa, Cayenne, Sage and other beneficial herbs. Hokamix 25 has been used as a detoxifier and nutritional aid for dogs since 1985.


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A Completely Natural Herbal Product for Dogs

  Hokamix is a unique, all natural, all herbal, supplement consisting of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients that occur naturally in the herbs. It contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It should be noted that the pharmacological effect of the use of natural vitamins cannot be compared to the effects produced by the addition of synthetic vitamins as natural vitamins produce few, if any, side effects, benefits last longer and their action on the metabolism is much less severe. Research has proven that an excess of a synthetic vitamin or mineral can cause the same symptoms as a deficiency of that same vitamin or mineral.

In the Wild

All carnivores including dogs, whose prey are usually herbivores; instinctively consume the intestines and their contents first, before consuming the remainder of the animal. Wild animals are not plagued by the diseases that plague our domesticated pets. This proves conclusively that the botanical contents of the prey's intestines are a nutritional necessity for good health and that domesticated carnivores need an additional supply of plants and plant extracts to satisfy all their nutritional requirements and reach their full health potential. However, our pets are confined to kennel runs, small yards or kept indoors and do not have access to these plants. They rely on us to put them into their diet. The domestication of dogs and the use of unnatural, over-processed, chemically enhanced commercial feeds have created many problems for the dog which Hokamix 25 is used for.

The Theory

  The concept of this herbal compound is the brain child of Dutch nutritionist / herbalist Herr Kroeske. His simple theory is that animals in their natural habitat instinctively eat foods that not only do them good, but satisfy all their bodily needs. Unfortunately it is not possible in these days of processed foods and treated water to feed our pets correctly. Most store bought foods are processed and chemicals are used to preserve and to enhance flavor and color. The micro-flora in the digestive system just cannot cope with this and the effect of food remaining undigested, toxins are formed and retained. When this happens the metabolism is disturbed. This is when disease can take over. The herbs in Hokamix help create a situation within the stomach in which the flora is better able to recreate itself. It helps the body neutralize the toxins which may have entered the body's system after eating or drinking food or water containing chemicals. Research shows that many diseases are the result of metabolic imbalances and deficiencies. Hokamix can help with these problems by detoxification and providing missing nutritional properties found in plants.

The Alternative

Many people regard the use of herbs with skepticism, having in mind an old lady brewing potions. Hokamix may revise your opinion. Pet owners in North America and Europe are reporting startling improvements in skin and coat condition as well as the overall well being of their animal when using Hokamix. Hokamix has been proven effective against most conditions brought about by a metabolic imbalance caused by a build up of toxins. These build ups can occur quite frequently in the filtering organs such as the liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. When these problems are rectified, other problems associated with blood, circulation and digestion are often brought back to a normal state of health or homeostasis (a healthy balance in the body


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