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Megafibe LT combines the best of two great worlds: Prebiotics and Probiotics! LT contains a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers to provide bulk, lubrication, and detoxification in the intestinal tract as well as a protective culture media for the probiotic or friendly bacteria to grow and develop in. Why take good bacteria only to have them destroyed in digestion because they are unprotected? Great to use when re-colonization of positive bacteria needs to be achieved. Fiber helps to support easier elimination. Hemorrhoid sufferers love LT! Contains 16 strains of positive bacteria including Soil Based Organisms. These organisms are known for aiding in digestion and in suppressing unhealthy bacterial or fungal populations. LT stands for Long Term. You can take Megafibe LT forever! A great product to take after antibiotic use. 

Modern medical research strongly suggests that a large part of the human immune response is mediated by healthy bacterial in the gut. If that is true, then keeping healthy populations of friendly bacterial may be far more important than any of us ever thought! 

Why Prebiotics?  Better survival of beneficial probiotic cultures.

Why Probiotics?  Stronger immune response by you immune system and better digestive health!


A Note From The Formulator:, I have used a special blend of soluble and insoluble fibers to provide not only a great detoxifier but also a great culture media for the bacteria to thrive in. These fibers are to provide a food source as well as habitat.

340 grams Powder