Paracell Parasite Cleanse

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More of us have parasites that we realize. Parasites can have a dramatic negative effect on your health. Health experts estimate that parasites infect more than 700 million people in developing countries alone. Even people with good hygiene can have parasites. Paracell has been reported by overseas travelers to be a great aid when encountering contaminated water or produce. If you are planning a mission trip or other travel out of the country be sure to take Paracell along! 

Healing Leaves Paracell is made from high quality natural ingredients like Undecylenic acid (from castor oil), Olive leaf extract, MSM, black walnut hull, cape aloe leaf, quassia bark wormwood herb, cloves, caprylic acid (from coconut), pumpkin seed, oregano leaf extract, and long pepper seed. 


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A Note From The Formulator: I travel the world over and I’m in developing countries frequently. I rely of Paracell to make my experience there a lot Healthier. 

90 Vegan Capsules