Prostate Support

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Tired of getting up numerous times every night? Wishing for a full night of sleep? You are not alone. 30 Million men in North America suffer from an inflamed prostate! Check out Super Herbals New Prostate Health Formula. Our new product contains great natural ingredients such as Pygeum Bark Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Lycopene, and Zinc. All these ingredients are ones you would expect to find in a high quality prostate support formula. But Healing Leaves Prostate Health Formula also contains a unique powerful ingredient called Small Flowered Willow Extract. Small Flowered Willow Herb is a long time secret of some old time herbalist. But today it’s no longer a secret. It’s a mainstay of men all across America. You can depend on Super Herbals to provide the best! Order your bottle of  Prostate Support today! 

120 Vegan Capsules