Stay Low-Blood Pressure Support*

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45 million Americans suffer from unhealthy blood pressure levels. Hypertension can lead to damage to the heart, eyes, and kidneys.  Taking care of your body with a healthy high fiber, low fat plant based diet and a regular exercise program is understood to help keep your cardiac system healthy.


Ingredients: StayLow is carefully formulated minerals like magnesium, potassium along with L-Argening and super concentrated natural plant extracts from Hawthorne berries, Olive Leaf Extract, Dandelion Leaf, and Lobelia to provide the right balance of nutrients for healthy blood pressure support. We don’t just use dried herbs. We use extracts and concentrates to give you more of the herbal effect you pay for! Best when combined with a stimulant free, low fat, high fiber diet, and a well balanced exercise program. It is best to use with consistent monitoring to safely determine your personal use. *


90 Vegan Capsules