Suppresserol Cholesterol Support Formula

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Elevated cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease go hand in hand. Many Americans are realizing that heart disease is not entirely a genetic  issue. They are realizing that a consistent exercise program combined with a healthy plant based diet may improve their opportunities to enjoy good cardiovascular health. Many experts feel that in addition to a good diet and exercise programs that some nutritional supplements may have positive benefits on supporting healthy cholesterol levels.


Ingredients: Suppresserol contains nutrients like Gugulipid Extract, Chromium,

Niacin,Garlic, Calcium Caprylate, and Corowize tm to support your effort to

maintain a healthy cholesterol balance. We uses the finest ingredients to help

you ensure you are getting the best value. *


120 Vegan Capsules



*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA and are not intended to 

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